We interrupt this transmission:

For an important announcement. . .

BIG NEWS. For the regular readers of Reloved 52 you will notice two things. First I’ve been a little quiet on the posting front in the last couple of weeks & secondly Reloved 52 has got a new look! Well there’s a very good reason for both.

As of the 13th November I am opening a shop! This is why I’ve been a bit quiet, but I promise I will catch up with my regular postings soon, I’ve got some really cool projects to share with you all. Today however, (if you’ll forgive the interruption to normal service that is) I want to tell you a bit about the shop because it does relate to everything that I’ve been doing on here.

Reloved 52 as a project, is all about make do & mend, living within means & making the most of what I already possess. For years I have for the most part, chosen charity shopping, vintage shopping & reloving old items as part of my normal lifestyle. I wanted to take this further by cutting out shopping as much as possible with this project. I also reflect this in my business as a handmade designer, always choosing to use waste materials in side projects instead of binning and often using old or broken jewellery as the basis for many beautiful creations.

Well the more I thought on the idea of all of these things, I couldn’t help but feel that I could create a shop which would be so much more than just a shop. Reloved 52 in it’s shop form, will have a number of functions. Yes there will be an ever changing stock of vintage, retro & reloved furniture, textiles & haberdashery. There will also be a reloved and mending service. You can bring your old clothes & small pieces of furniture in & have them repaired or made into something new. There will be advice offered for your own reloved projects & once a month I will be holding a “reloved night”, where you can bring in a project of your choice & get to know fellow crafters and make do & menders in your area over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Reloved 52 isn’t just a shop to me, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s choosing to love something old that is still beautiful & has years of use ahead of it, rather than adding to the landfill & replacing it with identikit high street goods. It’s about sharing knowledge, advice & offering my local community a friendly, affordable & excellent shopping environment.

This blog will continue with my personal projects, until the end of the 52 weeks as planned. In addition, this will now be the posting site for all of the shop projects as well. For my lovely loyal followers, all this means is that you can gawk at even more craft posts & for new followers, well you wont even know it was any different! As always, comments are welcome & I hope you continue to enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

***Thank you for reading this unscheduled transmission, normal service will now resume***

Mrs Geach


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