Welcome to Reloved 52

This blog is about a challenge. To live a more sustainable, clean and eco lifestyle. I’m Jessica and I live with my husband Russell and our gorgeous baby daughter Penny, who was born July 2013.

Penny & Me

Over 52 weeks I’ll be posting weekly, with stories about how our lifestyle is changing and the challenges this poses for a modern young family. The subjects will vary from food and retail to transport and waste. I’ll post recipes as well as hints and tips of things I’ve learnt along the way.

This is a whole new journey for me and is totally experimental, but hopefully anyone who is interested in living a more sustainable and clean lifestyle will enjoy following my blog. I welcome comments and community and hope there are some kindred souls out there who will want to follow this journey!

Thanks for reading

Jessica x

**A note about the original project**

Readers who were following the original reloved 52 project, I’d like to thank you for your loyalty. I was unable to complete the full 52 weeks due to my expanding belly and a newborn to prepare for, but after welcoming my gorgeous daughter to the world and settling into family life, this new project is an expansion of the philosophy of the old one and I hope you’ll enjoy following it just as much! Thanks x

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