An ebay revelation

So one of my favourite things (I used) to do was stalk ebay for vintage bargains.

The thrill of placing the bid, watching how well you do & if you win, oh the magic feeling of joy & wonder. Then you forget all about it until it gets delivered & the joy starts all over again.

BUT I can’t enjoy this magical experience as a personal buyer for the next 12 months. I’m not struggling at all so far with not buying stuff I don’t need but I am a bit sad about ebay especially when I accidentally stumbled across a beautiful vintage laura ashley dress . . .

Then it hit me, I can SELL on ebay. SO I had a big old clear out of my wardrobe & I’ve listed just 5 items to begin with. All starting at 0.99 with free shipping (because frankly I couldn’t quite figure out the postage rates) And so far 3 of them have bids. What a rush! Now I’ve found a new way to enjoy something I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of & hopefully Ill make a little bit of cash to put in the savings.


See you sunday for Project 4

Jess xoxo