Restart for Reloved 52

It’s time to kickstart this blog! After having my lovely daughter it’s taken a while to settle into a ‘normal’ life again (whatever that means!) but the time has come to pick up where I left off with Reloved 52. Instead of continuing with the previous project, I am going to start anew, read on for more details!

Reloved 52 has always been based on the ethics of recycling and eco crafting. Now I’m starting a new project to expand the original ethos a little further. 52 weeks to make the lifestyle of my little family a lot more eco friendly.

Starting on Friday 17th May, I will be posting weekly on a range of topics including food, health & beauty, housekeeping, transport and waste. This project is a way for me to document the changes I make and the learning process of how to make a small, modern family become an excellent friend rather than enemy, to our environment. I also hope that if I can achieve this, then anybody can!

When I first started the Reloved 52 project, I set myself a strict set of rules, which until I fell pregnant I did adhere to pretty well. This time there won’t be any hard rules (this would be impossible with a toddler for me) but the spirit of the project, is based on the philosophy of being earth kind as a whole lifestyle; rather than focussing on one particular area of my life as I did before.

With a 10 month old in tow I expect this will be challenging, but hopefully fun too. If you choose to follow my journey I hope you’ll find some useful information too and as always comments and community are most welcome on my blog.


Mrs Geach x