Project 14. . .

Pin Bored

I have an old office style pin board. It’s a drab grey blue and I’ve never liked it. So I decided to give it a re-loved spruce!


One old boring pin board

leftover thin green cotton fabric

red felt

hot glue

two old tape measures

silver drawing pins


See you tomorrow for project 15, the last of the weekend catch up marathon!

xox Jessica xox

Project 13. . .

The good wife gives?

So Monday 1st October was our first wedding anniversary. Yay. So last week I combined the gift with my project, but I’m going to say up front, whilst the actual design and materials used to create it were things I already had or borrowed, I did pay to have it mounted and framed. However this was a gift and not for my own personal gain so I haven’t broken any rules but I still wanted to share this with you . This is what I came up with for the traditional paper gift for a first anniversary.


Red felt

Vintage Estelle Lingerie Catalogue

A lot of patience


Usually I post tonnes of photos to explain the method. This time it would ruin the effect, so instead I’m just going to give you a ┬ábrief idea and let you marvel at the print in all its completeness.

First I cut out about 20 red felt hearts

Then I cut out 20 felt hearts within the hearts already made

Then I faffed for hours and hours trying to lay them in a heart on rainbow paper.

Then my very honest friend told me it looked like a gay pride flag, which is awesome, but not the look I wanted for my 1st wedding anniversary gift to my husband.

Then I got my hands on the centre page of an old lingerie catalogue and decided to combine the two, photograph it, frame it and present it to my husband. I told him that good wives give p*rn. He laughed and told me it was quirky. I think he liked it.

Hope you enjoyed this mildly naughty project!

See you tomorrow for the 3rd instalment of the project marathon weekend

xox Jess xox

Project 1. . .

Vanilla to Strawberry

Bland tired white Wedges Re-Loved into Super Cute Summer beauties

SO it’s the traditional British summer, we are in the Wimbledon fortnight and I need a new pair of wedges. Except I can’t buy any! So what’s a gal to do. . . RE-LOVE!!


1) pair of tired battered boring wedges

2) one can of red spray paint

3) miscellaneous fabric scraps

4) hot glue, needle & thread


Gaffa tape round the edges of the shoe to stop the paint bleeding into the fabric.

Spray evenly all over the wedge of the shoe – ideally with about 15cm distance from can to shoe – please see your can for full instructions. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Remove the gaffe tape, at this point my shoes looked like this. . .

Then it took some patience! I cut two pieces of rectangular fabric and spent some time with my glue gun. It took a lot of wriggling and they aren’t identical in folds but I think they turned out quite sweet. . .

See you next week for Project 2 xoxo