Week 9

Flat for sale.

Okay Okay Okay I know! I’ve been a little slow on the blog front, BUT it’s for a very good reason. We’ve just put our flat on the market, so I’ve been investing all my spare time into cleaning, decluttering and cleaning and tidying and yes you guessed it, Cleaning!

So over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been attempting to make my flat as beautiful as possible for as little money as possible to tempt those prospective buyers. If you’ve ever watched any “how to sell your house” shows it’s easy to imagine the wad of cash and the flouncing around B&Q/homebase/any home related shop, in an attempt to spruce up the place a bit.

In reality its oh so not as glamorous as it seems. Or as fun. Or as exciting. Nothing strikes fear into my heart right now as my one year old escaping with cherry stained hands and gleefully touching everything in sight. *sigh* as I reach for the cloth and the flash spray.

Here’s what I did to achieve beautiful┬áselling pictures:

1.) Organise the pictures to be taken on a nursery day, to avoid early morning tornado style destructive disasters from my beautiful but messy one year old darling.

2.) clean like I’m OCD for the afternoon before, whilst entertaining said one year old with lots of dancing, cbeebies and occasionally snacks in front of the TV (which then require 2 or 3 rounds of hoovering to remedy.)

3.) spend the evening once the little un is tucked up in bed doing some more cleaning.

4.) fall into bed, ready for a good sleep and notice about ten things that need doing in the bedroom. repeat two or three times before finally collapsing into a fitful sleep.

5.) on the morning of the photos, shove every unsightly or clutter making object into every available draw, cupboard or wardrobe space.

6.) pray all the above doors hiding unsightly object remain closed and don’t burst open when the photographer arrives.

7.) 5 mins before action time, spot at least 20 places that need a damn good scrub. Attempt all of them as quickly as possible.

8.) sigh with relief once task complete.

9.) enjoy the tidiness for a short spell before picking up the one year old/disaster maker from nursery.

10.) realise that photos are just the start, next come the viewings….

Although this week is really not related to sustainable family living at all, I hope you had a good laugh anyway.

Jessica x