Coconut Ice Lollies


One tin coconut milk

Handful of strawberries/raspberries/blueberries

Set of four reusable lolly moulds


Pour the coconut milk into a measuring jug or batter bowl. Chop your fruit into small pieces . Mix into the milk and pour into the lolly moulds. Make sure you leave a good inch of the space at the top to put the lolly top on, otherwise it’ll leak everywhere and you won’t be able to get the lollies out! Once the tops are on, place upright in the freezer. They should be done after a couple of hours. If you can’t get the lollies to pop out straight away, give them 5 minutes and they’ll come out easily.

I like this recipe because it’s really nice to have something creamy and cold for the summer months that isn’t traditional sugar laden ice cream! Great for kids too as it feels like a really nice treat, but in fact you’re feeding them nutritious fruit and coconut milk. Commence evil Mum laugh! It’s also much cheaper than shop bought lollies, repeat evil laugh!

You can try any fruit you like too, berries are great because they spread evenly in the milk – just make sure whatever you use is chopped small so it doesn’t jam in the mould.

Watch out for brain freeze!

Jessica x

Project 1. . .

Vanilla to Strawberry

Bland tired white Wedges Re-Loved into Super Cute Summer beauties

SO it’s the traditional British summer, we are in the Wimbledon fortnight and I need a new pair of wedges. Except I can’t buy any! So what’s a gal to do. . . RE-LOVE!!


1) pair of tired battered boring wedges

2) one can of red spray paint

3) miscellaneous fabric scraps

4) hot glue, needle & thread


Gaffa tape round the edges of the shoe to stop the paint bleeding into the fabric.

Spray evenly all over the wedge of the shoe – ideally with about 15cm distance from can to shoe – please see your can for full instructions. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Remove the gaffe tape, at this point my shoes looked like this. . .

Then it took some patience! I cut two pieces of rectangular fabric and spent some time with my glue gun. It took a lot of wriggling and they aren’t identical in folds but I think they turned out quite sweet. . .

See you next week for Project 2 xoxo