Project 6 . . .

Jute alors


I discovered a whole new medium today. Frankly I was enthralled. I was searching for a way to transfer photos to fabric, when I stumbled across a method for printing directly onto fabric. I read this post & was completely inspired to try it myself. See the gallery below for how I Re-Loved an old shopping jute bag.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks project & will come back next week for Project 7! There will also be a bonus post midweek about my progress & the “non buying” element of Re-Loved 52.

The image used in this project was downloaded from The Graphics Fairy

See you next time

Jess X0xo

Project 4 . . .

Light up your flowery heart

I’ve been looking at the shade on this lamp for a while now. The base is the most glorious model of the eiffel tower & it has always bothered me that the shade is so dull. So what could I do to jazz it up a bit & give it a bit more colour . . .


1) Blank cream lampshade

2) Vintage old purple flower trim

3) Pva glue mixed with water

4) Good scissors

5) Co ordinating green lace trim


First I ironed the flowery trim so it was nice & flat – As it’s quite old I had to test the heat carefully so I didn’t burn it. Then I toyed for ages deciding whether to stick it on the inside or the outside. I decided on the inside as I quite like the abstract look it creates when the light shines through it, rather than on it.

Then it got messy. Hello PVA. Hello sticky fingers. Hello fun times. I had to fiddle quite a bit with it as I couldn’t get it to fit in one piece and it was too fiddly trying to do the snippy triangle thing. So eventually I settled on cutting the trim in small rectangular sections and pasting them inside with the lovely gloopy glue. I love it when the glue dries on your hands & you can just peel it all off.

I did keep holding it up to the main light just to make sure it was all aligning properly. I did a fairly neat job & to hide the shadow line of where the trim ends inside near the top, I glued a co-ordinating green lace trim round the outside.

I’m quite chuffed with the end result, it looks really arty & individual & it seems fitting to sit atop the eiffel tower now! I really think Im hitting my stride with these projects now & I really feel there are so many more things I can do! Good job seeing as I’ve got 48 more to do!

See you for next week for Project 5

Jessica xoxo

Project 3 . . .

Tea Party Graffiti

Blank teacups given a wordy twist

I am one of those people that is a little bit addicted to stumble upon & pinterest. In passing I have seen a number of different tutorials on how to decorate blank china. Some of them require specialist things (which I can’t buy due to the project rules) but then I saw one which used a simple sharpie pen. I had a dig around my pen box and found a nice pink sharpie (yay) See results below:


1) 4 blank teacups & saucers

2) one sharpie pen 

3) an oven


Firstly I made sure all the cups were clean before I started. Sounds basic but it’ll be much harder to get a stain off once you’ve “baked” the cups in the oven. Then I decided what I wanted to write on the cups. I decided to do two that are a pair as a he + she matching set and then the other two are a little bit random! My favourite is the one which says “I lied, it’s not decaf (sorry)”  The other one says “instant coffee is for philistines”

I didn’t get it exactly how I wanted the first time so I did wipe them clean (warm water was fine) until I got all the wording positioned and sized how I felt it looked best. This was a little problematic on the saucers as I kept ending up with big writing at the beginning and small writing at the end. Once this was sorted, I spread them out on a baking tray and well. . . baked them! 30 minutes on 180 degrees (celsius) was plenty to “seal” the ink.

Once they were good and baked I left them to cool completely and then checked the lettering was secure by rubbing them with a damp sponge. Yup all good & safe. I now have four wordy cups which I can hand wash to my hearts desire (I don’t think they would stand up to dish washing though)

This was a really fun project, I felt really naughty writing all over the cups but I think for cheap blank mugs it’s a lovely idea to make them into something personal. I think this would be a really fun & easy gift to make for somebody. Perhaps with an “altered christmas carol” or birthday greeting.


So the other element to this project malarky is an experiment in retail. . .

Since the 1/07/12 I haven’t bought a single non essential item. It’s only the 11th July so this hasn’t exactly been much of a challenge yet. But other people’s observations about Re-Loved 52 have been really interesting.

There are definitely two camps of opinion. The first thinking that I am “mental, eclectic,insane.” The second thinking this is “brave, inspired, brilliant.”  I would probably agree with all of the above.

Regardless of people’s opinions on me undertaking this project, there is a common opinion amongst all that it will be impossible to keep this up for the full 52 weeks.

I disagree, but then I guess that’s why I’m the one attempting it! I wonder if it’s a mark of the materialistic nature of our society that means people cannot imagine going without something they desire for a prolonged period of time? This started out as a personal project but 2 weeks in & I already feel like there is a wider issue here. I am no sociologist however so I’ll leave that debate to the more academic of you out there! My personal conclusion so far is that clearly I am no sheep (baaaaaah) I shall go back to project 3 now which will, of course, be posted up on Sunday.

Tara for now chucks

Jess xoxo

Project 2 . . .

The Window Dresser

Old cream floor length curtains Re-Loved into window length cuties

So we are getting central heating, which means a radiator under our living room window. Cue the need for short curtains. No need to buy new ones, just chop and sew the old ones!


1) Old curtains

2) pretty silk fabric

3) scissors

4) steam iron

5) A sewing machine


First I washed the curtains on a hot temperature & then when dry, steam ironed them to within an inch of their lives. Then I measured how long they needed to be and cut them up. . .

 (Featuring Bailey)

I picked out some really pretty silk patterned fabric from my box and tried to cut it to fit the bottom section of the curtains. As the fabric was so flimsy, I ended up ironing it to fusible interfacing, which made it nice & sturdy. Then it was easy to cut and pin to the curtains. . .

Then I got out the trusty Janome & sewed those bad boys up! I’m really pleased with how they look, they didn’t cost me a penny & although the ironing took quite a long time, I find the end result of this project really satisfying. . .

See you next week for Project 3 xoxo

Project 1. . .

Vanilla to Strawberry

Bland tired white Wedges Re-Loved into Super Cute Summer beauties

SO it’s the traditional British summer, we are in the Wimbledon fortnight and I need a new pair of wedges. Except I can’t buy any! So what’s a gal to do. . . RE-LOVE!!


1) pair of tired battered boring wedges

2) one can of red spray paint

3) miscellaneous fabric scraps

4) hot glue, needle & thread


Gaffa tape round the edges of the shoe to stop the paint bleeding into the fabric.

Spray evenly all over the wedge of the shoe – ideally with about 15cm distance from can to shoe – please see your can for full instructions. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Remove the gaffe tape, at this point my shoes looked like this. . .

Then it took some patience! I cut two pieces of rectangular fabric and spent some time with my glue gun. It took a lot of wriggling and they aren’t identical in folds but I think they turned out quite sweet. . .

See you next week for Project 2 xoxo