Project 1. . .

Vanilla to Strawberry

Bland tired white Wedges Re-Loved into Super Cute Summer beauties

SO it’s the traditional British summer, we are in the Wimbledon fortnight and I need a new pair of wedges. Except I can’t buy any! So what’s a gal to do. . . RE-LOVE!!


1) pair of tired battered boring wedges

2) one can of red spray paint

3) miscellaneous fabric scraps

4) hot glue, needle & thread


Gaffa tape round the edges of the shoe to stop the paint bleeding into the fabric.

Spray evenly all over the wedge of the shoe – ideally with about 15cm distance from can to shoe – please see your can for full instructions. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Remove the gaffe tape, at this point my shoes looked like this. . .

Then it took some patience! I cut two pieces of rectangular fabric and spent some time with my glue gun. It took a lot of wriggling and they aren’t identical in folds but I think they turned out quite sweet. . .

See you next week for Project 2 xoxo